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Individual Therapy

There are many occasions during the course of a person’s lifetime that they may benefit from engaging in Individual Therapy.

Individual therapy is a treatment for mental and emotional conditions including:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • chemical dependency
  • bipolar disorder
  • eating disorders
  • and many more



However, many people also benefit from individual therapy when they are trying to cope with relatively common life stressors. These could include the loss of a loved one, conflict with a significant other, challenges with a child (or a parent), vocational or educational problems, or any other source of distress or challenge.

Finally, many people who engage in individual therapy are quite healthy, yet seeking new understanding of themselves or a situation, an outlet for emotional expression or other aspects of personal growth.

“It is painful to face the self we know we have never had the integrity to honor and assert.”

– Nathaniel Branden

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Couples Therapy

Every couple has their challenges. Sometimes life stressors like infertility or illness arrive unannounced. Other times difficulties emerge with in the couple—conflict, sexual incompatibility, an affair. We believe that whether you are fighting, miscommunicating, or struggling through a failure of trust, you can find relief that lasts with one of our experienced counselors who can help in restoring the balance in your relationship.

We have therapists trained Integrative Behavioral Couples Therapy. Let us evaluate the situation and see what modality may best fit the needs of your relationship. Whatever stage your relationship is in, therapy can help you master the challenges and continue to grow together.

Family Therapy

Family therapy can identify and resolve conflicts in a family unit.  We help families discuss patterns of communication that they are currently using that may be problematic.  Working in therapy to change these patterns of communication can improve the functionality of the unit.  Every family has strengths and challenges, using this approach can help build on the strengths and work on the challenges.

Many times family therapy is used in conjunction to individual treatment for children as the family system can need to work out some issues that are keeping them stuck in dysfunctional patterns.  We help parents resolve behavioral problems with their children by exploring family dynamics, improving healthy boundaries and reinforcing parenting skills.

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“Be who you needed when you were young.”

– unknown

Psychiatric Evaluations/Medication Management

Psychiatric Evaluations/Medication Management

In addition to psychotherapy, Life Balance offers psychiatric evaluations and medication management services.  In addition to therapy, medications can help improve mental illness by providing balance.  This often leads to a reduction in symptoms that one may be experiencing.  Our provider works closely with your therapist and medical providers to ensure the best treatment is being delivered. 

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