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Jenna Sobin LCSW

Hello! My name is Jenna and I am a behavioral health therapist who graduated from Aurora University with a masters degree in social work in 2020. I have worked with a diverse population of clients including at risk youth, children, young adults and adolescents in a school setting. I work to help treat clients who are experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, and abrupt life changes and counsel individuals to reroute negative thinking patterns and create positive life outcomes.

My approach to therapy continues to develop over my years of practice and continued learning. I believe in the power of talk therapy and CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) as well as FCT (family centered therapy) to help clients discover their inner strengths and teach powerful coping skills to help individuals flourish in their lives and overcome previous challenges. I believe that everyone is capable of change and growth and I look forward to serving individuals in our community. My special interests include supporting people through major life transitions, children living through divorce, anxiety, depression and LGBTQIA.

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