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Alexis Bakr

Master’s Level Intern

Hello, my name is Alexis Bakr, and I am a National University Student working toward my master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. My career started out in the medical field working as a nurse’s aide. Through that experience, I found my passion for mental health and wellness. Those experiences gave me a desire to pursue education in the mental health field.

I believe that we are all learning and growing through our life journey and throughout this journey we have ever changing needs and goals. My person-centered approach aims to empower and encourage clients throughout the therapeutic process. When we are faced with challenges in life, it can be difficult to manage on our own. While I have a focus on marriage and family therapy, I also have a special interest in working with people who have experienced trauma in their lives and helping them heal.

Therapy can assist us during challenging times by offering a safe space to share feelings and thoughts. My goal as an intern is to work alongside my clients in reaching their goals and growing with them throughout this journey.

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